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Scotland's One-Stop Shop for all your pottery supplies and clay needs

We don't just make clay!

Scotclay is a clay manufacturing company located in Perthshire, Scotland.  We specialise in blending high quality white stoneware clays to our own recipes and also offer a custom service to blend to your specification.  

If you have a commercial clay that you have used forever, we are happy to talk to you about stocking that clay, or finding a close match from within our range that you can sample.  We offer decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of clay, glazes and firing, and can consult with you throughout the transition phase when moving to our clay.

We also have a vast range of hand tools, accesories and ancillary items, and can supply a great choice in Kilns, Potter's Wheels and other pottery equipment.

Whether you are building your own kiln (or pizza oven) or repairing existing, we have a full range of refractory supplies.  From Ceramic Fibre to stove glass cleaner, and everything in between.

We can even help with your glaze requirements, whether that's a selection from our commercial brush-on glazes and underglazes from Botz and Contem, or Scotclay's own formulation of powdered glaze for dipping.  If you prefer to work to your own recipe glazes, we have a great selection of raw materials and, on the off-chance we don't have what you want, we are happy to source this for you.


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